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An existing company whose brand image online didn't live up to the modern business expectations

The company has grown well over the last number of years, but they felt something was lacking. Their old website was not a true image of the business, and they needed to reinforce their brand and get it to a level they were proud of. They are leaders within their sector and their moneyless canteen solutions are in high demand, as the best solution for providing fresh food and drinks to your customers and workforce.

Needing to up your game and get your message over to new customers can be a scary time for some business owners. It is the thought of change that controls a lot of decisions not to go ahead. But, when the business reaches that stage, you really owe it to yourself to have a look over the brand image, and make sure it is still attractive and helping you win more sales and reach your goals.

The marketing of the business online wasn't great in the past. They knew they had to change something to allow new doors to open and take them onto the that next level. They had played around with some marketing themselves in-house and it just wasn't giving them the desired results.

So the objective of this project was clear as the business wanted to highlight more all it's latest services and products, and be found in these online when people are searching. The message had to show to these new viewers to the site, then the benefits of using these services, and everything Abercromby had to offer - but now in a more professional solution.

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Listen, plan, act

Like all of our work at Domain Design Agency, this was an interesting project from the start, as a lot of the new work was aimed at different services to what the business mainly focussed on and it was important to cover this within the new designs and marketing plan. We are accustomed to discovering the best way forward for a business, and the journey with Abercromby has been a success. Understanding the business and what their goals are is so important to the mix to ensure we can get you to where you want to be.

Looking over their existing website it was easy to say it was in need of a full overhaul. Looking at how we could better get their message over quickly to any customer that comes to the new website was a key part of the changes required.

Coming up with the overall new look and marketing involved our other services of photography and video work, with professional voice-over. A new corporate video was created that we were going to use as a key part of the new website. Putting an improved structure in place to give all the important key information on the site that would help attract their audience in to want to find out more and make it easy for them to get to the information they wanted quickly.

This business was screaming out for one of our great looking designs, sites, combined with a new marketing plan covering both SEO organic and PPC Google Ads. The results we were seeking was to raise our clients profile from where they were before.

Ongoing marketing is important and you need to promote your brand and website for it to get attention. Think of it like the old traditional way, If you get a brochure designed and printed and then it just sits in an office cupboard - it's pointless you need to get it out there into peoples hands. Or, if you take an advert out in a Sunday paper, you don't get the rewards from that forever. It was only in the paper once, and to get traction and movement with any marketing, then you need to be ready for the long term. When implemented right, the growth you will see from this will knock your marketing costs out the park, when we get you fighting the competition for those new clients, who are searching for your services.

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It is important to always keep in mind any marketing plan needs to be invested in to give you both an ROI on your new website, BUT also to make yourself more competitive within the marketplace.

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Wide reaching, faster results

In the first 3 months of the new site being live and the marketing plan, boosting all the services, both local and national, the results were nothing more than outstanding. The change in exposure the business was now getting was in a different world to how it was previously. The new website was now 1st in Google for 36 of their keywords, and 64 were now performing on page 1 of Google in less than a 1/3 of the year!

Improved Keyword Positions

These amazing results got Abercromby in front of a much wider new audience, with even companies in England now taking note of the increases we had achieved UK wide. Custom service driven landing pages were created to promote different services for the best impact on results.

The new website was taken the message far and wide:

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Over time the rewards will help achieve the aims and goals of the business. The new site and its performance are only going to continue to shake up the marketplace as it attracts new customers and continues to grow and mature further.

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“Domain Design have helped to make Abercromby the most recognised fresh food vending and micro market operational company in central Scotland. Colin and the team have worked professionally and diligently to understand our business operations and identify the best online marketing tools for us at Abercromby. They are now working on the next project and that’s to get Abercromby the number one recognisable vending operator in the whole of Scotland. These guys are extremely good.”

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Find out how Abercromby Vending reached out to a whole new audience for their services both local and across the country