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When it comes to online – one-size-fits-all simply doesn’t work

When it comes to getting online right, no matter whether you’re looking to sell products or services or just make people aware that you exist, one-size-fits-all simply doesn’t work. If your web developer treats your business like all the others, you’re more than likely to be missing a trick when it comes to online success.

If your web developer doesn’t understand your business, you’re in trouble

In order to help you succeed online, your web developer needs to truly understand your business and what you’re hoping to achieve with your online investment. If your web developer isn’t speaking to you about your target market and really trying to understand why they should buy from you, you’re missing out.

At DDA we do things differently

At DDA we go way beyond what you see online. We dig deep to understand who should be buying from you and why. Once we understand that we work to get you the best possible representation online and off. If you are a business owner who knows that the right online solution isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s possible, you’re in the right place.

Need a new website or redesign?

First impressions are everything. Depending on which statistics you believe, you could have less than 8 secs to persuade potential clients or customers to use your services or purchase your products. If your website doesn’t appeal in that short time, you’ve lost out. Add to that, the need for your website to work perfectly across all your potential client’s devices (smart phones, laptops, desktops & tablets) and you start to see why getting professional web design and redesign is the best option.

If your website is letting your business down, we can help you get all the online attention you deserve. Our web design agency in Glasgow is top of its game and generates our clients constant sales or enquires.

Need to get more leads and sales from your website?

Not only does your message need to be clear and focused to attract the clients or customers you desire, but you need to make sure you’re positioned where these buyers are looking for you. Are you? If not, then you’re more than likely losing out on a massive slice of the market.

If you’re not being found by the right people, we can help get you the best possible outcome for securing more leads and, or sales. Our digital marketing agency in Glasgow is the just what you need. We look after clients throughout the full UK and beyond.

Need a reliable marketing team to support you?

The right marketing strategy for your business is essential if you want to grow and develop. Creating and implementing that strategy is hard when you have a business to run. If you don’t have an in house marketing team, it’s important to have the support of an outsourced team that understands your aims and gets your goals.

If you feel you’re missing out on this or don’t trust your current marketing team to deliver results, then it’s time to have a chat with us.

Need to sell your products or services online?

Your online shop is essential to your success. It’s what sells on your behalf 24/7. It not only needs to looks slick, it needs to give great user experience too. It needs to instil trust and work like clockwork at the back end. An online shop that isn’t all it could be, more often than not means visitors leave without buying.

If you have an existing shop that isn’t making the sales you want or you’re setting up your first shop, we can help you get the conversions you deserve. We use many ways to acheive your goals such as search engine optimisation, email marketing, Google Ads, Google Shopping & Remarketing.

Here are just some of the innovative companies we work with

...and what they have to say

ab2000 testimonial
“They worked hard to understand our complicated business.

Created three websites and folders/A4 inserts for AB2000, Phoenix Weights and Walkerweld. These websites are all individually stunning to look at, and easy to use and update. Their expertise in SEO has been able to progress our keywords into No.1 position in Google.”

Hilary Paton, of AB2000
sheridan law testimonial
They give you the guidance you need, producing outstanding results.

I was recommended to use DDA after being let down by another company and I'm so thankful that I chose them. They take the time to understand your needs. The team are very pleasant and extremely helpful! Would recommend them to anyone.

Robert Sheridan, of Sheridan Law
ayr eqeustrian testimonial
“Highly recommend if you want a professional & quality service.

After having issue upon issue with our old website we were nervous about repeating the process with a new company, we had no need to worry - DDA has been faultless, from initial talks to the first steps in design and then the launch Andrew and his team have been amazing!!

Kirsty-Dawn Gibson, of Ayr Equestrian

Want to know how online success happens? Check this out...

Your business is important to you. It’s also important to us. When we work with you, we work in partnership to get your long term marketing strategy right. We believe that this is the best way to deliver the support you need to reach the sales/brand image you dream of. Our 7 step process shares what you can expect when you take the road to success with us.


Find Help

The first step on your road to progress is realising it’s time for change. You need help to grow and support your business, from a local, professional creative marketing agency who will be there with expert advice.

step 1 of web design glasgow is Find Help



When we work with you we need to understand you, your current pains and the problems you are facing in your marketplace. This is why the first thing we do is research your company’s current positions for key searches and report back to you.

step 2 of web design is research



Once we've looked into your company and truly understand exactly where you are, then we will offer the best solution and price to help you get to where you want to be. We will provide you with a plan and price for moving forward.

step 3 of web redesign glasgow is the solution



After our discussions we will get started on your designs. We don’t use templates and everything is designed to meet your unique needs. Only once you are happy and the visuals have been signed off will we start coding.

step 4 of web design is the design



Our team will build your website using the latest technology to suit the solution provided. This is the stage that takes the longest time and you are less involved during this period. But you can sit tight as your new website is built.

step 5 of web design is development



When your website is complete it’s time to apply the on page SEO to help with your search engine rankings. Your keywords are part of our research, so we will get to work on getting the best results from your selected SEO package.

step 6 of web design is search engine optimisation

Go Live & Review

Go Live & Review

After all our live checklists are completed we will release your new website to Google and start monitoring its progress. If you don’t want us to manage your website, we’ll train you or your staff how to update and edit it so you have full control.

step 7 of web design is making the website live