Struggling to stand out in your marketplace?

Lost down in the rankings and can’t be found for your products or services?

Find out how our experienced marketing team can help you get more business from your website...

One Solution Does Not Fit All!

Not one solution is right for everyone and there is time and research required to study the best outcome for your own business. So please don’t expect us to just sell you a fixed price product off the shelf, that is used for every client. This is not the method we work to, as there is so much we need to review and understand about your own business before we can decide the best path to reach your goals. Then and only then, can we advise on costings tailored to your own custom requirements.

Does your current web developer understand business?

Do they have knowledge of what it takes to build a brand, and get you results in both the short and long term. We are involved in the local Business Gateway Strategic Accelerator and Innovation courses to improve the growth of business’s of all sizes, large and small. Being involved with business owners or helping clients with their stakeholders, we are able to support your aims, with our forward thinking approach to help achieve your targets.

Do you desire more?

If you do and understand the core business concept that you need to invest X to be able to earn Y, then we are the perfect marketing partner for you. Let’s have a chat and see how we can get you closer to reaching that goal, or as we like to exceed them.

Need a new website or redesign?

First impressions are everything, as it can take under 8 secs for that client or customer to make up their mind to use your services or purchase your product. That’s how short the time is and you need to grab them during this time. If your website doesn’t then you have lost them. Every website should be fully mobile responsive with the user experience at it’s core. Is yours?

Does your company branding make you feel proud?

What does your brand image say about you? When you look at your company logo and website for example, it should make you feel proud. Does yours?

Using our experienced design team we can build your business into a professional brand. So let’s have a chat over how you can overcome this, as painless as possible for you but making sure your image is transformed and amazes you and your clients.

Need to get more leads and sales from your website?

Getting you into a positive ranking position for key searches will help grow your business. What is your online strategy to gain more leads / sales? It needs to be right and working for you to secure the results you want - we can help do that.

Not being found by the right people?

Getting you in front of the right people is key to your success. Not only does your message need to be clear and focussed to attract the clients / customers you desire, but you need to ensure you are positioned where these buyers are looking for you. Are you? If not, then you are going to lose out on a massive slice of the market. Find out how using our marketing team will give you the best possible outcome for securing more leads/sales.

Need a reliable marketing team to support you?

You have found the marketing team that can support your growth - let’s get you moving! The marketing of your business is so important to growth and development. At these times it is important to feel the support of a team that you can work in partnership with, and they understand your aims and get your goals.

Are you missing out on this critical support within your business?

If you feel you are missing out on this or don’t trust your current marketing team to deliver results, then it’s time to have a chat with us. Find out how having our marketing team of experts at your side can help. Supporting you with specialist full team of experienced key personnel that can help position you to reach that dream and hit your goals.

Need to sell your products or services online?

Your online shop is so important, as It sells your product or services 24 hours a day. It not only needs to looks slick, but behind the scenes it needs to give great user experience to your buyers. Your shop needs to give a sense of trust, and if your online shop let's you down, then an online buyer will leave without buying.

Sell online and be a success.

The good news is no matter the reason you found us, if you want to sell online then our team can help you achieve success. If you have an existing shop that isn’t making the sales you want. Do you even know if people are not buying from your at checkout? Is there an issue for a high drop off at this stage? We can investigate and offer help on your conversions.

Some of the innovative companies we work with

What they say about us

ab2000 testimonial
“They worked hard to understand our complicated business.

Created three websites and folders/A4 inserts for AB2000, Phoenix Weights and Walkerweld. These websites are all individually stunning to look at, and easy to use and update. Their expertise in SEO has been able to progress our keywords into No.1 position in Google.”

Hilary Paton, of AB2000
sheridan law testimonial
They give you the guidance you need, producing outstanding results.

I was recommended to use DDA after being let down by another company and I'm so thankful that I chose them. They take the time to understand your needs. The team are very pleasant and extremely helpful! Would recommend them to anyone.

Robert Sheridan, of Sheridan Law
ayr equestrian testimonial
“Highly recommend if you want a professional & quality service.

After having issue upon issue with our old website we were nervous about repeating the process with a new company, we had no need to worry - DDA has been faultless, from initial talks to the first steps in design and then the launch Andrew and his team have been amazing!!

Kirsty-Dawn Gibson, of Ayr Equestrian

7 Steps To Complete Online Success - What The Process Looks Like?

Your business is important to us, and we want to work together long term as your marketing partner. We believe we have the best mix of team to deliver the support you need to reach the sales/brand image you dream of. Our 7 steps process below lets you see what will happen along your road to success with us.

Find Help

Find Help

The first step on your road to progress is to realise it’s time for change. You need help to grow and support your business, from a local professional creative marketing agency who will be there with expert advice.

find help



Don’t expect us just to give you a price. We need to understand you, your current pains, the problems you are facing in your marketplace, research your company’s current positions for key searches and report back to you.




Once we've looked into your company and truly understand exactly where you are, then we will offer the best solution and price to help you get to where you want to be. We will provide you with a plan and price for moving forward.


Design Stage

Design Stage

After our discussions we will get started on your designs. We don’t use templates and everything will be designed to your own custom needs. Only once you are happy and the visuals have been signed off will we then start coding. 

design stage

Coding & Development

Coding & Development

Our team will build your website in the latest technology to suit the solution we provided. This is the stage that takes the longest time and you are less involved during this period. But sit tight as your new website won’t be far away now.

coding and development stage

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

When your website is complete it is now time to apply the on page SEO to help with your search engine rankings. Your keywords would have been part of our research, so we will get to work on getting the best results from your selected SEO package.

seo marketing

Go Live & Review

Go Live & Review

After all our live checklists are completed. We will release your new website to Google and start ongoing monitoring it’s progress. If you don’t want us to manage your website, then full training will be given to you or your staff on how to update and edit the new website.

go live review