28Mar 13
T5 Fat Burners
Published by jasmac

This client came to Domain Design after being massively let down by a string of web developers. They needed re-assurance that finally they had found the right web developer for them.


T5 Fat Burners was a website that our client needed done in the quickest possible time and by a developer who could carry out the project exactly as the client required. We spoke at length with the client to show them exactly what we would plan for the website, the performance of the website and how we would deliver it.


We put together a detailed proposal for the client on all the deliverables of the project and also gave the client time frames etc. as to when he could expect the site to go live. We put together a detailed SEO plan for the client to ensure that even before the site went live, we were working away on the SEO in the background.


We built the client a large Magento e-shop that allows their clients to buy a wide range of their products directly from them online. The websites handles the payments and shipping methods, as well as offering various discount features for bulk or bundle ordering. We also built in a detailed SEO plan to ensure that the client had maximum coverage when the site went live, our SEO work paid off before the site had even went live as the client had managed to secure 2 sales through it by people who had already found the site online!


At the moment we have just kick-started a large SEO campaign for the client, are now in the process of building another e-shop website for the client, have designed adverts, VIP discount cards for their clients and are also about to launch a massive email marketing campaign for them too.


We are delighted to have T5 Fat Burners on board with us and we are sure they will become another of our very happy clients.



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