22May 12
Published by jasmac

The guys at the band Stramash came to us when they had been let down with a web developer, who had promised the world, but delivered nothing! The band wanted a site that would massively showcase their unique appeal and sound.

They also knew that they wanted a site that didn’t look like anything else they had seen, so wanted massive emphasis on high quality graphics.
With this in mind we created a site for Stramash that allowed their fans to listen to their music on the site, watch videos of recent gigs and also buy their products online. We sat down with the band to get a feel for the type of site they were after. The guys are all about their music, so we knew a massive part of the site was to have high quality music and video streams, that would allow their fans to access their music from any side of the globe.
We put together the full design plan for the site and also built in a full e-commerce system to allow people to buy t-shirts, CD’s etc. online and checkout using PayPal.
One of the main features the band wanted on the site was that they wanted a detailed gig guide to allow people to view when they were playing and where in the world they were playing. The Stramash guys were really pleased with how the website project turned out and I think it’s safe to say….another happy client of Domain Design Agency…. 









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