01Oct 13
Mackenzie Bagpiping
Published by minimac

Donald knew that if he didn’t get his business website updated then he was going to miss out on some vital opportunities. So he enlisted us to come up with a brand new design for his business.


Donald is a professional bagpiper who plays at all kinds of events including weddings, funerals, christenings, burns suppers, corporate events and much more. He had a company website for many years but compared to his competitors, it was quickly starting to look dated.


It was then he knew he needed a brand new, modern design that was going to really showcase his talent and hopefully lead to job enquiries for him too. We sat down with the client to discuss his options and what he wanted from the website and he opted for a CMS website.


When we gave Donald the new designs for his site, he was over the moon. It was exciting for him to see his business portrayed in the way it really should be, professional and eye-catching.


Donald can use his site to make updates and advise his users of any special events including bagpipe training, which is another service that he offers.

bagpiping website homepage

bagpiping website services

photos bagpiping website

bagpiping website blog

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