01Oct 13
Lanarkshire Aesthetics
Published by jasmac

Lorraine chose Domain Design Agency to update her company website a few years ago when she wanted to make some changes to her site that a previous developer had done for her.


When Lorraine came to Domain Design Agency she wasn’t too sure about the flexibility of her site and what it offered, so we did lots of updates to the website for her and gave her a full training session so she could update the site as often as she wished.


So a few years down the line and the nature of Lorraine’s business was changing a great deal, so she came back to us to have us completely re-design the look and feel of her corporate branding. We came up with a brand new design for the website including a new logo, new letterheads, flyers, business cards, a monthly social media package and much more.


Lorraine is now fully trained in all aspects of her website and can make any updates she wishes any time at all. This gives her the flexibility of updating her site at a time that’s convenient to her and allows her to promote any special offers or news stories that she may want to share with her users.


Lorraine’s website is an example of how a business can grow and change over the course of a few years, so the CMS system we built for her will grow with her business.


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