02Apr 13
Published by jasmac

Our client asked us to design and build for them a brand new Magento website for their business. Having already designed one for their other business, they were delighted to use us again.


Our client wanted to sell their products online but needed a site that was going to really appeal to the eye visually when users landed on the site. They wanted bursts of colour throughout the site and wanted it to be a fun filled website that was a joy for people to view, so when we showed the clients the first visuals we had created, to say they were pleased is an understatement!


Selling online is a massive part of many businesses success these days and a user friendly website is imperative to the success of the site and the sales going through the site also. For this project, we built the site using a platform called Magento, it’s a fantastic tried and tested e-shop platform that is massively expandable, and so after discussing with the client what they needed the site to do, we decided Magento was the best way forward for them.


The client wanted their users to be able to ‘build a wish list’ and also ‘compare products’ – so that was a feature we built into the website for them also. We have now designed two Magento websites for this client and both websites are doing fantastically well. Just proves the importance of using a professional web developer is vital in the success of your business.



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