05Feb 11
Grand Prix Adventures
Published by jasmac

We had the exciting project of re-branding the Grand Prix Adventures website. There was many hours spent breaking apart the previous years of old websites and then building all the required features into one easy to use admin system for the client to manage the full website himself. This was a fully bespoke custom coding project from a blank sheet of paper – and the finished result is one we are proud of, after burning the midnight oil into the small hours.


The client couldn’t believe how easy we made the admin system to handle his Grand Prix/F1 packages, which include various hotels, views of the races, star ratings, photo galleries, special pages and the actual normal website pages too. All the banners are controlled by the client with flash movie playing in the background and he can edit the text in these banners to anything he wants them to say at various times of the year.


Over the following months once the website was complete we have been adding in more features BUT maintained the ease of use for the client on the website. The latest features added where the slide shows on packages and pop up messages on a package to alert people if a package is sold out or last few remaining etc.





grand prix adventures website


Hotel Sample


f1 tickets


Website Footer Design


formula one racing


Website Contact


racing cars


Website Packages


f1 ticket packages


Sample Special Page


david coulthard


Grand Prix Trackview



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