28May 12
Accelerate Driving Tuition
Published by jasmac

This client came to us when the site he had designed previously just wasn’t cutting the mustard any more. It wasn’t generating the enquiries it should  have been and the site was looking dated, the client was starting to think that not having a modern website, was costing him  business.
We sat down with the client and talked through his requirements. We then put a project plan in place and got the ball rolling to get a brand new website up and running as soon as possible.
The client wanted the facility to be able to update the text/content of his website as often as we wished. So we built the site in a wordpress/blog style, which gives the client full control of how often he wants to update the different sections of his website.
When the client came to us, he had no idea of what he wanted. He simply knew he needed to get online with a modern, fresh website and fast! We came up with all the website visuals and the client loved the very first option we gave him. The client already had a company logo however he never had an electronic copy, so we re-designed this as part of the website build project. Being fully qualified graphic designers, logo design is a service we can include in website build projects, if the client requires it.
The client was over the moon with the end product and is now considering running a Search Engine campaign to further boost the websites performance. If your looking for driving lessons glasgow, then please get in touch with our client!


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