08Dec 11
Thermo Logistics
Published by jasmac

Thermo Logistics already had a website in place for 18 months which was basically just a website we had for the sake of having one. We never really did anything with it except put the link below our e-mail addresses. We met Leeann from Domain Design Agency by chance, and it was an encounter that brought our business to new heights. Leeann and her team designed and built a new website keeping us updated throughout the full course of the process. The end result was amazing. We have had great feedback from the website already and it’s something I wished we had done sooner.


Over and above the building of the website, Domain Design also did the Search Engine Optimisation and within 3 weeks and just prior to the Xmas rush, they have surpassed all our expectations and got us at the top of the UK search engines. We also got all our brochures, cards, calendars etc from Domain and they are the best.


I cannot recommend Leeann and the team highly enough and our only regret is not doing it sooner and the cost really surprised us for such a professional service.


Laura Gillies

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