15Nov 09
The Giddy Gang
Published by jasmac

Beeky says…
We asked Andy and Jason to design a website that..
1. Would advertise our Giddy gang comic book with links to other sites.
2. Entertain young visitors aged 6-12years.
3. It would look colourful,inviting and entertaining.
4. Have a Blog and an Uglyface voting page…and would load quickly!
No pressure then!
However what we got far exceeded our expectations.We have great animations, a colourful site with lots for the young visitor to do and most important of all an excellent advert for the book…and loads fast. Dealing with Jason was a joy. Came back and dealt with issues quickly and to our satisfaction. I cannot recommend this company highly enough to anyone contemplating a website for their needs.
Cathie McNamara

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