30Jan 14
Muñecas Rebeldes

I recently employed the services of Domain Design Agency to design and construct my business website “Muñecas Rebeldes” for the Spanish marketplace, they met the challenge of designing the site in both Spanish and English with ease. My objective was to have a site that reflected my product and aesthetically appealed to my target market whilst being easy and intuitive to use, on all accounts Domain Design Agency met these objectives whilst delivering beyond my initial aspirations. I also instructed SEO work to be undertaken which has proven to be very effective; pushing my site up the google rankings and in turn driving traffic to my site.


What has impressed me the most though about Domain Design Agency has been the level of support and customer service, I feel that they treat my business almost as an extension of their own, any queries are responded to almost immediately and any problems are rectified promptly ensuring a website (and business) that performs to the expectations of my customers.


Muñecas Rebeldes

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