28Mar 11
Grand Prix Adventures
Published by jasmac

I wanted to write and express my gratitude to you all for the tremendous work that you have done on the Grand Prix Adventures website. As my business is web based and that the GPA website is our only “shop window” you’d understand that changing from our original web designer to you guys was one of the bigger decisions we’ve made. I have remained concerned throughout that we’d potentially made a bit of an error in moving, however, your fresh approach and can-do attitude has proven that in fact we should have come to you years ago. Now that we have the finished product I am absolutely thrilled with the website. It has improved in every area both visually & in ease of use, and it is now representative of the quality of the product we offer. Critical to the brief was a control panel for me, a non-I.T. savvy user to be able to make changes to our own website, things like adding images, changing prices, amending text, and this was always the bit I thought would give us the most difficulty. In fact, it couldn’t be easier for me and having the control to put promotions online, change when I need to change and add and delete whenever I like is already paying huge reward in the business. Given our only route to market is via our website, I’d certainly say I’m well placed to offer this recommendation and wish you continued success.
Kenneth McLeod

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