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Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation – have you heard of it? Do you have it? What does it mean to you? What does it stand for?  Do you need it? Does your neighbour have it? How much does it cost? So many questions and we are here to answer them for you!


SEO no matter whether you’ve heard about it or not can be quite intimidating for some people! We want to let you understand what it’s all about and what it can mean to your website and your business.


seo glasgow 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically the higher your ranking in a search engine, the more hits your website will receive. This is where we stand out from the crowd because there’s a massive difference in receiving hits to conversion rates e.g., there’s no point in getting two thousand visitors to your website if it’s not really what the person was looking for in the first place. We aim to get exactly the right kind of people to your website, so you should get as many requests from your website as possible. The aim is to have your exact target market of customers using your site, hence cutting out time wasting enquiries.

 search engine optimisation

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation built alongside your website can give you the following benefits:


  • High Return on Investment – SEO offers the highest level of ROI than any other form of marketing
  • Targeted Traffic – with SEO the visitors it brings to your site are more likely to be actively searching for your company or products and services that you offer, dramatically cutting out time wasters
  • Long Term Results – once implemented SEO can leave you with long term positions and rankings on search engines such as Google as opposed to ‘pay per click’ which often provides short term results and can cost a lot more!
  • 24 hour promotion – the internet never sleeps and by investing in SEO you can ensure that your business website has exposure 24/7, 365 days a year. What an investment!
  • Increased brand awareness – with online marketing and SEO you can improve your brand visibility
  • Increased sales – As more of the visitors to your site will be people who have actually searched for your services or products this can really increase the amount of enquiries you receive and more importantly boost sales
  • Cost Effective – SEO is recognised as one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available. Why pay hundreds of pounds on a 1 week advert in a magazine when you could use that money to spend it on SEO which can attract the people who ARE actually looking for you!
  • Increased Accessibility – SEO techniques can help to make your website more accessible



Growing Organically


Very few people understand what search engine optimisation actually is and even those with a little knowledge about it are completely bamboozled by it! Search engine optimisation is an art in itself! There are many different ways that you can go about being search engine friendly and driving people to your website. Some people prefer ‘pay per click’ advertising campaigns that can drive people to your website fairly instantly, with you paying a fee, per click through. You can set up limit amounts that you want to spend per week or per day, i.e., we can just tell Google to give you £40 worth of advertising per week. Some keywords can be more expensive than others to advertise, but we would research this and give you the costings, although we would normally advise our clients that a package could work out a lot cheaper!


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It may sound like a fairly expensive way to drive traffic to your website, but results are often instantaneous and dependent on your profit margin per sale, it can be well worth your while. One thing to bear in mind though is that if you are spending for example £75 per month and your main competitor is spending £100 per month then chances are they will appear higher up in searches than you.


Growing Organically. Undoubtedly the best way to get hits from your website is by making it grow organically. This can be done by spending time on your website and promoting it in lots of different ways and by doing different things like: link building, sitemaps and submitting it to directories etc… Basically the more you promote your website on the internet and the more search engine friendly your website is, your website should start to move to the top of search engines itself and should therefore attract more visitors. This approach is the best and can have long lasting results, but it can be a lengthy process which doesn’t happen overnight.



Now for the boring stuff….


There are lots of different factors that we would look at and work on when you start an SEO campaign. First of all we would research your keywords, descriptions, meta tags, alt tags etc. that all hide within your website without you even knowing it! When a search engine visits your website this valuable information is visible to them. So the better set up your website is for search engines the better your rankings should be. After all there’s no point in forking out valuable money on a good website if it cannot be seen by your main core clients! You could have an all singing, all dancing website but a website is nothing without traffic, and without proper search engine optimisation built in, a website is more or less useless!


Typically, all websites that Domain Design Agency create are all search engine friendly, but we also offer SEO packages to drive more traffic your way. We also specialise in SEO maintenance. This means we can carry out work on a monthly basis for you to keep on top of how the site is performing.


It’s a fact :
Google can take up to 3 months just to visit your website.


It’s a fact :
The way a website is built can seriously affect your rankings.


It’s a fact :
That lots of companies promise to promote your website as best as they can, but actually do very little. We provide detailed reports, so you can see exactly what we are doing for you!


It’s a fact :
The more reciprocated quality links you have to your website, the higher your ranking should be.


If you have any questions or queries about search engine optimisation or would like to enquire about a package, then please don’t be afraid to get in touch! Information is always friendly and free…..
and we could soon be driving those customers right to your website…


Although we are a Glasgow based web design company, we design websites for clients all throughout the UK and have clients in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales from London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Cardiff, Bristol, Dublin, Belfast, Aberdeen and Edinburgh.



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