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Our website needs a facelift, but it’s everso complicated

Omni came to Domain Design Agency facing the challenge that many online retailers face when they reach out. They had a website that was failing them on Google and wasn’t giving their buyers the chance to shop on mobile devices.

What often happens with online stores is that they start small and grow in a piecemeal way. This is all good and well to a certain extent, but when you’re serious about success, growth and scaling, you need an online solution that can grow as you grow. Add to this the complexity of Omni’s solution and you can see that they needed something simple, buyer-friendly and something that could grow with them.

Omni were also conscious that there were buyers out there who were ready to buy, but they weren’t being found. It was time to take the right action with the right partner.

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Bespoke Magento onine shop with easy integration provided by Mamut

Magento is the best and really the only solution to tick Omni’s boxes. When the team at DDA set about understanding the Omni business model, ideas came to mind quickly and initial designs were rapidly produced and signed off.

When it came to development, to make life a whole lot easier for Omni, a product order builder and quote builder system were included to help sales and leads. The other big challenge was moving the stock from their old shop to the new one seamlessly and confidently. This is where the import feature we included really came into its own.

The product options on this shop are the most complex we’ve come across at DDA, but we love a challenge and really wanted to get this shop at the level it deserved to be. Close liaison with the client and adoption of their Mamut account system means that they’ve got functionality that’s 100% in line with their vision.

This solution is the perfect platform for SEO investment as well as the massive increases in sales that the company saw – especially on mobile devices.


Bespoke Magento shop
with complex product part builder
to create your own custom order. Products and all options imported from database, and all sales linked to external account system.

Omni achieved their goal. They got a bespoke Magento shop with a complex product part builder so they could create the custom orders their clients needed. They were being found on searches and were open 24/7 across all devices. They even got a stress-free switch over from their old shop and a no-headaches accounting system.

This shop included a range of custom solutions like:

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“Our old online shop was linked to our in-house old system. We knew we needed a new modern shop to gain the various benefits of Google. We met with Andy to talk over our needs and Magento was the solution for us. The move over from our old website to the new one was painless and now our products can be found on Google. The DDA guys have fulfilled everything they said they would.”

Richard Burgess Omni Instruments


Discover how Omni got a simple yet incredibly powerful solution to their complex e-commerce challenge.