Why Website Content is King!

It might even be the catchphrase of the digital era – content is king. But why? In this article we take a look at exactly why if you are operating online, your business or marketing strategy might live or die by the quality of your content.

The attention grabber

Content can perform many different functions along the customer journey, and one of the most important is its role as an attention grabber. From your ad campaigns to the headings of your web pages and your social media posts. Interesting, informative, entertaining or educational content can offer a way to grab the reader’s attention, and win their engagement. Whether you are presenting blog content, videos or audio, the bulk of the content might not even be consumed by the majority unless you ensure that you are grabbing attention.

Real substance

It is all very well having attention grabbing Google Adwords campaigns, but if the reader of these ads finds boring content or even worst off topic content when they click through, it can be doubtful whether they return. A useful way to look at the standards content must meet, can be to think of it as delivering value. Whether it is entertaining, or telling the reader something which they did not know before, your content should not be a waste of a reader’s time. Rather, it should offer them a return on their investment of time, so they have found out what they were looking for.

You get what you give

If you want to produce content which can really make a difference to your website, related marketing strategies and overall business objectives; there are two main options available to you – invest your own time as a business into producing great content, or pay someone to do it for you. You might find that buying the best content – whether from an SEO copywriter, agency or designer, can cost more than your actual advertising campaigns do. But in the end content can serve as an all-important reason for your target audience to discover more about you and your brand – this can be the key to achieving conversions in your business.

Keep it relevant

Of course, it can help if the content which you produce is directly or partly related to your brand or core business activities. Otherwise, your campaigns risk rendering themselves out of place and… a bit random! Keep your content relevant to what and how you are advertising, and you can find that considerations such as keywords and call to actions can align with the actual content you are producing – it all adds up to a happy content marketing marriage!

Keep them hooked

If somebody enjoyed your content, they shouldn’t have to go far to discover more about your brand or business offering. Ensure you offer a next step in the customer journey by including a call to action in your content, allowing the consumer to navigate to an enquiries form on your site, or to another related piece of content. Encourage social media sign up, as this can be a great way to keep connecting with your customers.

Content should not be an afterthought – it should be a representation of what you can do as a company, and should be as unique as you are as a company! For more information on ensuring your content is carrying the right message to customers get in touch today, we would love to have a chat with you on 0800 118 2411.

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