26Oct 17
Trick or Treat: 3 spooktacular lessons for online marketing
Published by jasmac


For businesses who have just launched a website or are needing one created, the prospect of your first online marketing experience can be a scary one. Is the thought of the work involved in getting your website created and optimised really that frightening?


With Halloween drawing closer, we’ve put together our top 3 online marketing tips – making your SEO experience a little less trick and a lot more treat.


1. Answer the doorbell to engage with your visitors



Trick: Why are Vampires bad sellers? Because they won’t engage with stake-holders.


Treat: When partaking in online marketing, it’s important to make sure that you are engaging with your audience. After all, you’re not going to get any Halloween sweets if you don’t ring the doorbell. It’s a good idea to create various social media pages. This is an extremely effective form of marketing as it allows you to communicate with what could be future clients in a more modern and up to date manner.


If you start talking to a client, then there are a few tools that can help you to determine whether they are interested in your products and services, or whether you should close the conversation to move onto another potential customer in a polite way.


The trick is to ask tailored questions to learn more about your client and find out if their needs match what you’re offering – for example, a service provider may ask whether they currently use their type of service. If this question sparks interest in the visitor, then it’s likely that you should move onto your next question to determine if they are a potential lead or not. These questions will be unique to your business, but will help gauge how to move the conversation on.


2. Dress up and act the part


Trick: Why was the ghost admiring it’s website? Because it looked Boo-tiful!


Treat: Having an effective website is not just about how good or bad your SEO is.  It’s important to remember that the world of design and web coding is constantly adapting so you don’t want to be turning potential customers away by the way your website looks or runs.


If you visit a website that’s fresh, sleek and up to date, you are more likely to engage in whatever the company is selling. So be sure to keep your website dressed up to ensure people don’t get spooked and run away.


3. Have a scream


Trick: How do spiders tell people about their latest deals and offers? Through the World Wide Web!


Treat: Don’t forget to tell people about what new things your company has to offer.
Take advantage of social media, email marketing and your website blog to let people know where they can find you and what may be in it for them – are you launching a new product, Christmas range out, or giving something special away? Explain the benefits of your service and why is will help them.


Telling people what’s new not only allows your loyal followers to see you in action, but it also provides extra opportunity for people who don’t know about your brand to find out about you and give them a reason to visit your site and buy one of your products or services.





If you need any help or advice with your own spooky marketing then get in touch with us on 0141 538 2411.





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