16Apr 15
SSL Connections and Google Rankings
Published by jasmac

SSL web connection

Secure your website with SSL

With SSL becoming standard for all websites, (not just online shops) it’s absolutely vital to ensure your visitors and customers have the highest level of trust in your brand online. There are many benefits of having a SSL on your website for secure online activity but now Google is giving your website a better ranking on the back of your website having the all important HTTPS:// on your website.


There is a few options available if you want to add SSL to your website, and we are happy to discuss this with you in more detail to find the best solution for you. You should note this is the typically kind of benefit you could enjoy from having your website running on SSL (secure Socket Layer) connection:


Gives visitors trust in your website
Instill your visitors with the confidence with the lock icon in your address bar and https url etc.

SEO higher search rankings
Search engines like Google favour sites that are secured with SSL. and this is showing in Google search results now.


Boost Website conversion rates
Improve customer trust and help boost sales from your website with SSL certification.


Latest secure encryption
Your website and it’s visitors are protected with up to 256-bit encryption.



Protect yourself online

The daily running of any online business consists of storing and sending all types of sensitive information.  Credit and debit card numbers, passwords and address  and contact details are just some of the communications going back and forth.


You never want any of this data falling into the wrong hands, as the consequences are disastrous  for both your customers and your own company too.


Give your customers that assured feeling that their personal information is securely handled when browsing or shopping on your company website.




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