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What is Organic Search Engine Optimisation?

To keep things simple, Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting your website high up in the Google ranks. The closer you can get to the top of the search engines the more enquiries / sales you will get. There can be a massive difference for each position you move up on the front page. If you are in one of the top three spots this is huge for your business and you can expect your phone to be ringing or email enquires coming in. When you are in the top slot, then this is classified as ‘pure gold’.



Being in one of the top three slots in the search engine results pages (SERPs) doesn’t matter unless there are people actively looking for your services or products by the keywords they typed in.

We hear too often people saying things like,

‘How many keywords can I get for my budget?’
or ‘My existing SEO guys are working on 50 keywords’.




What does this even mean? A keyword is what’s typed into Google when people are trying to find your company. A good example of a couple of keywords could be ‘plumbers glasgow’ and ‘plumber to fix blocked toilet in glasgow’. There are currently 2,900 people searching for plumbers glasgow’ and next to none for ‘plumber to fix blocked toilet in glasgow’. So being in the top three for ‘plumber to fix blocked toilet in glasgow’ might only bring you 1 call a month, where as ‘plumbers glasgow’ might bring you 500 calls. Longer / more keywords are what’s called ‘long tail’ keywords and can be very specific. These can also be great performing keywords if included on a proper plan.

The more competition there is going after the same keyword, the harder it is and longer it’ll take to secure a top slot. So even having one of the highly searched keywords high up in Google can change your business overnight. So it’s really up to your SEO agency to plan out a proper path forward with the fastest turnaround for your return on investment.


How We Plan The Perfect SEO Campaign

Planing all starts with communication. First of all you would have a discovery meeting to go over your services, budget and objectives. Knowing the services that bring you in the highest revenue and profts, or perhaps you might just want an easy life and go after the service you supply that gives you less hassle is vital. That’s the beauty of SEO, you can target specific business from specific locations. After our meeting we would carry out a full keyword discovery search to find out the best terms that you should be going after. We query Google through their Google AdWords Key Planner tool to find out how many people are using the search terms, plus we can also discover more search terms with perhaps higher volumes. From this information we can work out a keywords ‘KEI’ score (keyword effectiveness index).

This basically lets us know if the keywords is good to go after or not (this can also be dictated by your budget). We then collate all this information into a detailed PDF report and talk you through it to show you our findings, and work out the best and fastest way forward for you to generate money. This is always our first goal. SEO can become a real expense if not carried out correctly. The more money we can make you, gives you more money to invest back into your business and a bit of breathing space, whilst at the same time then making it easier to invest more on your digital advertising. Getting local keywords high up the Google ranks is always quicker than trying to get national keywords. From our professional opinion we will be realistic and just tell you how it is and work out the best option for you.




Going back to the question ‘How many keywords can I get for my budget?’. Well this completely depends on the results from of our keyword discovery. We have worked on hugely successful campaigns by just targeting one keyword with some variants. So anyone that tells you ‘We can do ‘x’ amount of keywords for a budget of £xxx’ are completely plucking figures out of the air and your site will still be nowhere after months or even years of forking out cash! Unfortunately people like this give the industry a bad name.

We have been approached with some real horror stories and clients are naturally sceptical if SEO works or if it’s all a con. Companies will happily collect your money on a monthly basis and won’t care if they are making you money, or if your SEO is being effective.




Don’t Be Fooled By Fancy Jargon

SEO can be a very complex process so please don’t fall for people’s mumbo jumbo. A good SEO company should break things down to make it very easy for you to understand. What you’re getting for your money and what’s happening to get you to that sweet spot.


Difference Between On-Page Optimisation And Off-Page Optimisation

On-page optimisation is work that is completed ‘on’ your website. This is usually the quickest way to get your site moving in Google. There are lots of ranking and technical factors that must be complex in order for Google to view them properly. Example: Search engines love you to have good page titles and descriptions with good content based around your keywords relevancy. Then there are lots of tricks like putting the most important tags on the page in H1, H2, H3’s etc. The ‘H’ is basically short for ‘Heading’. Content is always king. If your webpage or product has the same text as your competitors, how do you expect Google to decide where to rank you? Duplicate content can halt your website from progressing. We provide a full report on how healthy the optimisation of a page is. ‘Off-page’ optimisation is work completed off your website. This could be social media updates pointing back to your website or links from other websites pointing back to your company.




Interested In Hearing What The Next Step Is?

We can carry out the above keyword discovery meeting and a full keyword research report for £243 + vat, and you can then find out your options. This is expert knowledge if you look after your own website or if someone else is already looking after it on your behalf. Then this information will be invaluable and you can make informed decisions based on fact.

If you’re fully aware of SEO and know your keywords, please get in touch if you feel you would like to work with us. Alternatively, if someone else has been working on your SEO and you feel it’s not generating the results it should be, we can definitely help you.


We only work with companies we feel we can progress.

So if you’re looking for SEO Glasgow then give us a call on 0141 538 2411


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