Running Google Ads, But Not Getting The Results You Want?

Get Your Google Ads Accounts Fighting Fit

Managing a Google Ads account is a time-consuming process, and can often take a backseat to actually running your business. You might have passed control over to Google or a third party, or left your account to run unmanaged. Google Ads accounts need regular care and attention to make sure they’re running efficiently. Do you want to get better results, and get more bang from your budget? Give your Google Ads account the special treatment it deserves at the PPC Clinic, run by Domain Design Agency.

At the PPC Clinic, we will give your account a full audit, and make improvements to your account for £350+VAT. Our specialist team will analyse your account’s current & historic performance, and carry out checks on your account, including targeting, relevancy and structure. This normally results in more conversions / enquires with a reduced budget, but we will know more when we see under the hood.

We’re also aware of the problems that click fraud can present, which is why we use specialist software to monitor, prevent and get fraudulent clicks reimbursed, passing the savings onto you.

We treat your budget as our own money and are committed to getting you amazing results & returns on your investment.

Not looking for a long term commitment? Don’t worry! Our PPC Audit & Improvement package is a one-time thing, and you won’t have to commit to anything past that point.

All of our accounts are mainly managed on a rolling, monthly basis, with no contracts or hassle. Every month, you’ll receive a report from our specialists, detailing your performance, insights, and what the next month brings.

If you have more bespoke requirements or would like us to manage your Google Ads account on a full time basis, we can discuss monthly management packages with you. From search to shopping & remarketing, we’ll be able to take your accounts to the next level.

Interested in taking your Google Ads account to the next level? Send an email to to get started on the path to better results!

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