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Being a modern business is complicated. Where once there was a simple, transactional relationship between business and customer, there is now a whole ecosystem of options when it comes to boosting everything from sales and profits to revenue, fans and clients. We get it, and we have the skills and expertise to help you navigate it. Here at DDA, we’re natives in that ecosystem, and we have years of experience in turning businesses around. So what does that look like? However you want it to. We don’t believe in limits, so if you want to boost your profits by 200% or become the leading experts in your field, we’ve got the tools to make it happen.

Local knowledge

We’re a Glasgow-based agency, so we’re perfectly placed to help you get more leads Lanarkshire-wide and across Scotland thanks to our amazing contacts and great local knowledge of your market. We believe that the first step to creating any successful strategy is to thoroughly understand our client’s business and their competition, and we’re already one step ahead of competition from further afield. If you know a client’s business and their customers, know how their competitors think and know how their client thinks, you can be on hand to land the right messaging at the right place and time. That’s how we work, and that’s how we’ll grow your business.

Whole business expertise

Business growth in Lanarkshire, as anywhere, is about more than just adding to your sales and revenue. Proper, lasting growth is about putting your business at the front of your clients’ minds for the rest of their career, not just tempting them in once or twice. That means we don’t just think about how to get more sales Lanarkshire-wide, we think about how to get more customers. That’s achieved by hitting all the right buttons with your target audience, anticipating what they might want, how they might want it and when and where is best for them. It’s complicated, but the best answers often are. To achieve the best outcomes, our approach isn’t just about one-offs to give you a sales blip, it’s about taking into account your whole business and its place in the market to shift you completely to the top of your clients’ lists.

The whole toolkit

Clients often ask us ‘how do I promote my business in Lanarkshire?’, and unfortunately, there’s no one answer to that question. That’s why we’ve got a bustling team of SEO experts, email marketing wizards, social media gurus and online sales masters, all working together to design bespoke campaigns to hit the target. Clients also ask ‘how do I grow my business Lanarkshire-based?’, and that’s a question that depends on what you mean by growth. While we plan and execute campaigns to help businesses achieve certain objectives, our model works best when applied to your whole strategy for real long-term results. Sure, you want to boost your sales, but if you want that boost to stick, you need to grow your presence. That’s something that can only be achieved with sustained and targeted progress across social, search engines and traditional and digital marketing. It’s tough, it’s complicated, but we’re ready if you are.

Ahead of the game

Playing catch-up isn’t an option when you’re a small business. What helps you to stand out is your agility when it comes to new ideas, so lagging behind the competition is bound to hit your sales and growth. We’re not here to plug gaps, we’re here to future proof, so with our services, you can make sure you’re always ready for the next challenge before it even happens. With experts in Google Shopping, Google Adwords, SEO and so much more, we’ve got what it takes to get you the sales you deserve.


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