Tips Using Organic SEO to Grow Your Website

Organic SEO is one of the hottest buzzwords in the world of digital marketing. Simply put, organic SEO is the array of non-paid methods that ranks your website higher in search engines.

That’s essentially what organic SEO means, when we’re discussing expanding your reach. You aren’t trying to take artificial shortcuts, like paying for Facebook followers, or buying positive product reviews. Rather, you’re trying to earn an audience the old-fashioned way.

That takes more time, more effort, and more resources, but the results are cleaner, and more permanent than what you would get if you just threw money at it, and hoped for the best.

So, if you want to organically grow your website, here are some tips you should take to heart.

Target your web pages

Too often, designers will attempt to appeal to the broadest possible audience in order to court more followers, and more traffic. However, instead of casting a wide net, you get better results by fishing a smaller, denser pond and this is what the more experienced marketing agency should be helping you with.

Put another way, you should find a niche your website will appeal to, and which will follow your business loyally. You have to know who you’re aiming your website at, and get a sense of what they want, if you’re going to persuade them to bite down on your hook. Once you have them hooked, though, they’ll keep coming back for more.

Produce great content

It seems obvious, but too often web designers forget that the key to growing their audience is to actually have great content on the website. You can do all the social media sharing, networking, and search engine optimisation tweaking you want, but if you don’t have content people want, it won’t make any impact.

So before you ask how to grab a bigger market share, ask what it is you’re producing. Make sure it’s good, because the content you’re making is the whole reason someone will take an interest in your business in the first place.

Interact with your audience

Websites aren’t static things that exist in an air-tight, glass case. They are places where you can talk directly to your audience. Not only that, though, but audiences expect you to interact with them. Even if it’s just answering their comments in a quick and professional manner. If you have social media pages linked to your website, though, communication becomes even more important. So remember, make your website into a conversation, instead of a billboard or a soap box to shout about what you offer.

Multiple Websites

Your first reaction may be why do I need more than one website? Think of it as doorways and the more routes into your company’s services or products then increases the footfall you receive. Having dedicated landing pages which are directed fully with content to just that one service or product you offer gives you not only a better page score via Goggle for the page rank, but the viewer who finds the page is more likely to interact with your site as you are giving them right there what they came looking for. Sometimes all it takes is a new blog post to get people curious and for them to wander over to your website to see what you’re all about.

Organic SEO may be a slower process to make your website rank higher than paid for Google Adwords listings, but it is a sure bet in the long term. For more information on organic SEO and how it can help you get in touch today we would love to have a chat with you on 0800 118 2411.

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