Logo Design – Do you think your logo defines your business? If not, you need to read this…

Think for a minute of the brands over the world, now what is it you think of and see in your vision? Yep, it will be the logo design of the company and their brand colouring which makes you automatic link that in your head to a company.

No matter what size of company you have, the logo and branding needs to ensure you stand out and are remembered from the competition. If you still think a cheap or nasty looking logo is ok for your business, then here is a few more reasons why you should re-think that…

Global brands of the world

You Brand Logo should be unique and is so important because:

Defines your identity
It tells the world about you and gives you ownership of the services and products you sell. It will be used across everything you do, including website, business cards and marketing. The logo communicates with the customer, and your logo should clearly show what you do and the benefits. It should leave no doubt about the company and what the main thing is you sell. Clever logo design when created well and thought out will give your company that edge over other less well worked cheap alternatives.

Allows new customers to get you
People are drawn visually into the design and colour, it sets the tone for the overall image you want to create, and your logo is actually the main aspect everything else works around. It could be in your shop or office signage, or on a vehicle wrap, but it should when seen arise an interest from your potential customers. It should draw them in wanting to find out more or make a purchase from you.

Your logo should be on topic with what you do and the sector you work within. It should never be generic or people won’t even take notice.

Standing out from your competition
It’s easy to create a logo that looks the same or similar to all the rest in your industry. Take for example a plumber and the amount of logos you see with a spanner in them, what makes you remember one from the next? A great logo will reflect who you are, what you do while also creating you something different which will help you stand out from the rest in the market. If your designer creating your logo knows the importance of designing something just that little bit more special, then you should be onto a brand winner to help your business grow.

Creates brand loyalty from your customers
People like what they are comfortable with, they like what they are used to, seeing as it is like putting a warm blanket round them and visiting that old friend. Which is great of course, if you manage to get your customers to feel that way about your brand! But from time to time, there comes a time too that you need to upgrade your logo as it no longer stands for what you want or the direction the business is moving towards.

If you create a logo that delivers on the good old ‘brand loyalty’ then you have grabbed your share of the marketplace. A logo which is familiar to people will help to build this, so that’s why it is so important from the outset that your company logo is not an afterthought or short cuts taken when creating your logo.

Your logo should be everywhere
Your logo should be used on all marketing both online and offline, including posters, business stationery, brochures, leaflets, flyers, signage, pop up banners, vehicle wraps, social media, google my business and your website. It should be known to anyone looking that this is your company and you carry it across all platforms and media to ensure your brand and logo is seen.

Well, I hope this has helped you to understand the importance of a well designed and unique logo for your business. Once you have that brand, get it out there everywhere you want to be. Developing your brand message that is clear and focussed will lead to the successful tie in of customers to your brand. Everything you then do should include your logo.

Please don’t make the mistake a lot of business owners do and don’t give the brand or logo design the respect it needs. This one key part of your brand could help make or break you, so ensure it is portraying the image that you are proud of for your business.

If you need any help with a rework of your existing business logo or a new logo, then we have great designers, who have over 25 years experience in this specialist field. They can help create you a stunning logo that will meet the goals your logo should be hitting.

Read more about our branding services on our Branding Logo Design page here.

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