Digital Marketing Tips – Video Content

Whatever amount of video content your brand is putting our right now, it’s time to double it.

Video continues to become more integral to the online shopping experience, whether B2B or B2C, with Google even listing them on the Page 1 search results. Here are a few eye-opening stats about the Video Future:

70% of consumers have admitted to sharing a brand’s video on social media

72% of businesses say video increased their conversion rates

52% of consumers feel more confident about a purchase if there’s a video for the product

In other words, if you can make a video for it, you probably should. 👀

If you need any help with your marketing plan for creating new company videos, then get in touch with the local agency team on 0800 118 2411.

Engage with your customers

Everyone loves online videos, and there is no better way to promote your services or products…

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