Why your website needs a redesign

24 Jul 2018

When was the last time you had a website redesign? Every single business that has any online presence needs to ensure that their website is constantly up to date, providing everyone who visits that website with a unique and rewarding browsing experience that’s going to encourage them to become repeat visitors.

The world of technology continues to move along at a fast rate of knots, and with so many people browsing possibly hundreds of websites in a single minute, you need to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd.

A small investment in regular website redesign will bring you lasting returns, and can be the first and most essential step towards increasing engagement with your website visitors.

Keeping up with the times

When customers land on a website which is poorly designed, they automatically have a negative view of the business. It stands to reason, doesn’t it?

If a business has an old fashioned website that is severely out of date and difficult to navigate, not only with people not be encouraged to browse the website they will also very quickly form a negative opinion about that company – a modern, thriving company would have a better website.

It’s a trap businesses can fall into without realising. They spend the necessary money to have a beautiful website built for them and they presume that the job is done; it isn’t! A website can quickly be out of date as prevailing technology improves and customers demand a more responsive browsing experience.

Getting the right perspective

Think of your website as your digital store-front, because that’s exactly what it is. If you had a store-front which was old fashioned, run down with the sign-writing peeling off and large chunks missing, you would invest the necessary money and effort to get it fixed wouldn’t you?

The same applies to your website. It’s the view that you show the digital world, so it’s essential that it’s as modern and crisp as possible. For the very best levels of ROI and audience engagement, an intuitive website is essential.

Also make sure that your website is suitable for display on mobile phones and tablets. Around half of your website visitors will be browsing from their mobile device; if you haven’t got an intuitive website that suits their purposes they will not afford you any more of their precious time or attention.

Stand out in a crowded marketplace

Websites form a large part of any business’ public face, and it’s a perfect way for you to show potential customers what you stand for. If you want to present the image of being a modern, dynamic, and customer-focused business, it’s essential that your website accurately reflects that.

Making the necessary investment to provide a comfortable, intuitive and enjoyable browsing experience shows your customers and your visitors that you care. It implies to them that you’re going to show the same level of attentive care throughout our service.

A website redesign is an affordable investment that every business needs to consider regularly to get the maximum returns. Never allow a website to become dated. For more information on having your own website redesigned get in touch today, we would love to have a chat with you on 0800 118 2411.

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Why your website needs a redesign

When was the last time you had a website redesign? Every single business that has any online presence needs to ensure that their website is constantly up to date, providing everyone who visits that website with a unique and rewarding browsing experience that’s going to encourage them to become repeat visitors. The world of technology… View Article

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