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14 Oct2020

Promote my business Lanarkshire-wide

Promote your business in Lanarkshire Being a modern business is complicated. Where once there was a simple, transactional relationship between business and customer, there is now a whole ecosystem of options when it comes to boosting everything from sales and profits to revenue, fans and clients. We get it, and we have the skills and… View Article

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13 Oct2020

Promote my business Glasgow-wide

Promote your business in Glasgow Promoting your company is a business in and of itself these days, but where there’s hard work, there is also opportunity, and it’s our job to help you grasp it. At DDA, we have an amazing team of specialists across a range of fields, including web design, SEO, Google ads,… View Article

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9 Sep2020

Running Google Ads, But Not Getting The Results You Want?

Get Your Google Ads Accounts Fighting Fit Managing a Google Ads account is a time-consuming process, and can often take a backseat to actually running your business. You might have passed control over to Google or a third party, or left your account to run unmanaged. Google Ads accounts need regular care and attention to… View Article

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21 Jul2018

Web Design in Glasgow

Are you looking for web design in Glasgow? As one of the UK’s most diverse cities, Glasgow is a great place in which to do business. Whether you are a start-up or an established large corporate company, the importance of professional web design can never be underestimated. With a high population of digital natives and… View Article

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9 Jul2018

Tips Using Organic SEO to Grow Your Website

Organic SEO is one of the hottest buzzwords in the world of digital marketing. Simply put, organic SEO is the array of non-paid methods that ranks your website higher in search engines. That’s essentially what organic SEO means, when we’re discussing expanding your reach. You aren’t trying to take artificial shortcuts, like paying for Facebook… View Article

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19 Jun2018

A closer look at Google Adwords and its benefits

These days, catching the attention of your customers is a tricky business. More people are finding new companies and new products through the internet, and it does not take a genius to work out that the internet is fast becoming the brand new marketplace, with eCommerce companies already leading the way in how a vast… View Article

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12 Jun2018

Why eCommerce matters for every business

An online presence is now an essential part of every business. No matter what size of company you are online is an open market and you can compete against businesses of all types. It’s the same for all industries including recruitment, automotive, household goods, professional services or products, if you ignore the importance of the… View Article

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7 Jun2018

Why Website Content is King!

It might even be the catchphrase of the digital era – content is king. But why? In this article we take a look at exactly why if you are operating online, your business or marketing strategy might live or die by the quality of your content. The attention grabber Content can perform many different functions… View Article

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