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20 Jan2023

The Apprentice TV Show creative logos and branding why is it so bad?

It’s that time of the year again and while the television show The Apprentice in the UK can be entertaining and sometimes insightful when it comes to the world of business, there is one aspect of the show that often frustrates professional graphic designers. The branding and logo designs produced by the design agencies brought… View Article

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9 Jan2022

Logo Design – Do you think your logo defines your business? If not, you need to read this…

Think for a minute of the brands over the world, now what is it you think of and see in your vision? Yep, it will be the logo design of the company and their brand colouring which makes you automatic link that in your head to a company. No matter what size of company you… View Article

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1 Oct2018

Vehicle Branding

A great way to get your brand message across to the public is with vehicle wraps. They not only highlight your brand in a very professional way, it gives you exposure in the local area that you want to gain more business in. A branded vehicle when designed well can showcase what is best about… View Article

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