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Google Ads Set-up & Managed
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Managed PPC Services Glasgow by DDA

Using various PPC strategies our sole aim is to improve the leads and sales you generated via our managed PPC Services Glasgow. We target the customer looking for your service/product, leading them to the solution they are looking for. Using our Google Ads Management becomes a revenue generator for your business.

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We tell you if we also think something isn't going to won’t work for you. Honesty is the best policy, this is key to our partnership.

Opportunities will increase your conversion rate, cost per click, leads & sales, we will talk you through this in a way you understand.

You will find that the cost-per-click varies on many factors, such as the market competition, searches, and location if local or national. When you get the mix right, this results in higher click through rates, which increases your chance of making a sale from your landing page with our PPC management service.

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Google Approved

As fully approved Google partners, this gives you the assurance of only top-quality services by DDA.

Google Ads

Paid for Ads is the best way to get you to the top of Google Rankings within 24 hours lighting fast using our PPC management service.

Shopping Campaign Management

Helping online shops gets better results. Shopping Management will help your online store's success.

Landing Page

This is the process of improving various elements on a website or webpage to increase the conversions via lead generation.

Facebook & Linkedin

Running your paid for ads across social media can help strengthen your stronghold over the competition.


Remarketing connects with people who previously interacted with your website and shows them your ads. Find out more about our PPC management service

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We can give you an audit of your current Paid for Ads Campaigns and offer our expert advice on what improvements you need.

Working with us is easy. We are a professional team of experts who can add great value to your business marketing via our experienced PPC skills. Using this expertise, we like to add value in as many places as we can with our PPC management services glasgow.

Watch our PPC promo video and then call us on 0800 118 2411 to get started with better results from your Google Ad Spend.

What Clients Say About Our PPC Services Glasgow...

DDA is doing wonders with the Google Ads PPC/SEO and Oliver has produced some fantastic leads for my business in a very short space of time. I’m absolutely delighted with the results so far – thanks again to you, and your marketing agency".
After a string of nightmare developers, I was delighted to find DDA. They were on my doorstep and nothing was to much trouble for them. I now have a website I am proud of and more importantly a site that is making me money through online sales and leads.
Aerial Access Services have used DDA for a number of years. All their work is to a high and professional standard, DDA has always worked well with Aerial Access Services and helped out our business with all our branded marketing.
I’m just writing to say how happy I am with the results we are getting from Google. We work within a very competitive marketplace, but with DDA looking after us, we are always well placed to gain new business! That’s the confidence these guys give you and offered me the right help to grow my business.
DDA has been top class in terms of meeting my requirements and expectations. They designed a cracking custom made website which has secured me new clients along with lots of positive feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking to improve their current website or build a new one.
I’m more than happy to recommend DDA if any potential customers are looking for the edge in updating or developing a fresh approach to advertising their business through updating their site. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re awesome.
PPC Services - What happens next

This Is How It Works - What Happens Next...


Get in touch with us and have a chat with our friendly team to discuss your business Google Ads PPC needs.


We will do a full review/audit of your PPC campaigns, or if you have none, we will look at what will work best for you.


We will give this information back to you within a free quote, on the best way forward for your business.

If you have any queries about PPC Management Services Glasgow, please click here to drop us a message

PPC Google Ads Glasgow DDA faq's


Pay Per Click Common
PPC Questions.

There are many reasons for why your Google ads is not showing or isn't at the top of the page, these include your budget is spent, if your ad rank is low it might not show at the top, keyword not in the ad, or if your ad bid adjustments are set to be offline at the current time you checked.

If you need any help with your PPC Ads have a chat with us on 0800 118 2411.

What you will be seeing is Remarketing campaign Google ads. When you visit a website a cookie is tracked, and then when you start to visit other sites on the internet, all ad spaces will be showing you an ad for the competitor to try and get you to go back to their website again. Remarketing is a great way to keep your brand in the mind of anyone who has visited your website.

If you need any help with your PPC Ads have a chat with us on 0800 118 2411.

The competition has seen that customers are looking at your website so they are basically trying to lead potential customers away from you and towards them. Unfortunately, if this happens to you, we can try and report it to Google to stop competitors stealing leads from you. Reaching prospects via this route should be something you consider to start too, if your competition is doing it to you, as sometimes it's hard to stop it and you need to meet it head on.
Also, protecting your own brand name is key here, and we always recommend you should do this, as these clicks are generally inexpensive and well worth it to ensure your competition doesn't steal your customers or prospects away when someone searches your company name in Google.

If you need any help with your PPC Ads have a chat with us on 0800 118 2411.

That's not a worry at all. We can look at your services and location and build your account and ad campaigns to kick off your ads for you. Or if you do have a Google Ads account, then we can use this to manage your account for you and get you better results from checking and fine tuning your ads for you.

If you need any help with your PPC Ads have a chat with us on 0800 118 2411.

Using a company that is Google Partner qualified and approved means you are dealing with a company who knows exactly what they are doing. They have worked on Google ads campaigns for many years, building up a vast experience of what works best.
They will have worked for many companies with budgets of all sizes and managed these accounts to develop them into a great source of leads and sales for businesses over many different sectors and industries. DDA is an approved Google Partner, which seals the quality of service you get from our PPC management service. .

If you need any help with your PPC Ads have a chat with us on 0800 118 2411.

Fully Google Partners Marketing Agency
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With our PPC Management services we regularly look at all your campaign components, tracking visitor behaviour, competition of your keywords, leads funnel to determine where any further work is required to keep moving and achieve your goals with the best results possible.

We will present you with a full monthly report on the status of all your PPC campaigns, allowing us to discuss with you what is working well and also what other areas we are planning further work on over the next period.