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There are many various online eCommerce platforms that can be adapted to meet your exact needs, But Magento is by far the best on the block.

There are many various online eCommerce platforms that can be adapted to meet your exact needs. Magento is a fairly new kid on the block, but boy have they not made a big impression. Magento was launched in March 2008 built using the Zend framework. Magento very quickly become one of the most desirable softwares to build an online eCommerce shop. This is why we quickly became expert Magento Developers.

What makes Magento a good option?

Many opensource developers have had a hand in creating Magento and because it’s fairly new it has the most up-to-date technology built in. Almost every good option that’s available on any other e-shop software has been included in Magento.Varien, the company that originally owned Magento, originally worked with creating osCommerce a very well known eCommerce platform. To put it plainly, Magento has been developed by people that know their stuff.

Why Magento?

Because Magento uses new technology, it is pretty much packed with a whole host of features. To name a few Magento can handle exports / imports from existing systems, customer management, invoices, stock control, Google product feeds, discount vouchers, tier pricing, different shipping rules, various payment modules, tax rules, user role management, RSS feeds, built in SEO and much much more. For a full list of features please visit the Magento eCommerce website by clicking here

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Magento Web Development

Magento eCommerce is our preferred method of creating an online eCommerce shop as it’s one of the most robust eCommerce software platforms we have ever used to develop eshops. We have been developing successful Magento eshops since 2009 that have a proven track record.

Magento can be adapted / modified to meet your needs. Not only can it provide a shop window to the world but can also act as an excellent inhouse ordering system with stock control and the good news is for now Magento 1 will be contunied to be supported and updated side by side with Magento 2. It was made official that Magento will now support everyone using Magento 1 for at least 18 months from any end of life date they release. So that is great news for everyone with a Magento 1 shop at present who wants to maintain and know in the security of that news that they have some breathing space for now. But, we would highly recommend all Magento 1 shops are mirgrated over to Magento 2 as soon as you cna and you shouldn’t postpone the move indefinitely.

Magento 2 Web Development

This fantastic shop platform was given a major overhaul lately with the introduction of the long awaited Magento 2 system. Improvements in both performance and scalability has seen great leaps forward in the technology. It optimises your web pages faster meaning a faster delivery for yoru clients. It has seen increased server response times for all shop activities. Efficiency of the backend operations have also improved. All in all these major upgrades increase the flexibility of your shop to handle peak load times much better. Magento 2 is the next generation of online shop solutions which will lead the way for ecommerce for many years to come.

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Magento 1 Time to Migrate Over to Magento 2?

Magento now has become one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms in the market. It’s all down to all the features and services included. Now, with the arrival of Magento 2, various kind of responses comes from the Magento shop owners. Some feel happy and excited for the change, while the others asking whether they really need to migrate their shop from Magento 1 to Magento 2 or not? After all, they already can get what they need from Magento 1.

Magento 2 has a lot of advantages when compared to Magento 1, in speed and growth for the future to work with the high demands of a busy ecommerce platform during your peak busy periods without any loss of service to your customers. Magento 2 brings a more user friendly checkout process which makes things easlier for your buyer to complete in a few steps. A whole list of performance and frontend user updates help create more converisons and less drop off at cart stages. The speed of Magento 2 is really fast and the updated admin panel is much more inviting and appealing to use that Magento 1.

Magento 2 is worth all your time and attention. It has all the benefits that you can get from Magento 1, but with better and faster performance. The process to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is not a straightforward process. If you want to discuss Magento 2 with us give us a call on 0800 118 2411 as we would love to hear about your shop and see if we can help you.

Please contact Domain Design Agency based in Glasgow, Scotland for all your Magento development needs and we will be only too happy to discuss your options. We build and develop Magento eCommerce shops for all sorts of companies throughout the UK. Magento Developers based in the UKMagento Developers Scotland | Magento Developers Glasgow | Magento Developers Edinburgh

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