02Apr 13
Cheaper Car Insurance
Published by jasmac

Our client at Cheaper Car Insurance had had a string of bad luck with web developers and designers who had promised him the world and delivered literally nothing. Then he came to Domain Design Agency….


Alex had found that he had just no luck when it came to finding the right company to take care of his corporate branding and website for his business. We explained the benefits of using a company like ourselves who actually have many years’ experience in graphic design and so, our designs are always top notch!


Alex had wanted a quirky logo that people would remember and we discussed the option of having a ‘cheep cheep’ chick to represent the fact his company is called Cheaper Car Insurance. We came up with some different options and he was really delighted with our ideas, so his new logo can now be seen in all its glory in his brand new website, which we also designed.


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