22Sep 16
Published by jasmac

Volumise found us through searching for local Magento developers. They loved our work and got in touch to see what we could do for them. They had three physical shop outlets in place already and this would be their first step into the online marketplace. We ensured them at every stage that they were in safe hands, as being their first online expereince they were a bit unsure about everything. We spoke to them in normal terms, keeping the process as simple as possible for them while showing them all the options they had available to them.


volumize_mobile_viewThe website had of course to be fully responsive and to work across all platforms. After we got started on visuals for them they were delighted with the way the new website was taking shape. When the coding stage was complete the shop was ready for all their products to be added, which was easy for them to do themselves after the training on the shop admin was complete.


One of the best selling platforms for products is the Google shopping channel. This means that products can appear on the Google search page if someone searches for a specific product. Magento can be set up to pass all products to Google Merchant Centre and then pass these to Google AdWords. Boosting then by setting up a PPC advertising plan for your products. This is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your products and get your online sales booming. Get in touch with us if this is something you are not doing right now with your online shop, to see why you must do it!


Please click here to see their online volumize shop.






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