19Apr 16
Omni Instruments

Omni Instruments Ltd located in Dundee came to us after checking our website which informed them of our experience in customising Magento. They had an existing custom built website / CRM system that did exactly what they needed and functioned perfectly. The only problem was the fact that because the system was fully custom built around eight years ago it didn’t contain many of the newer features available to newer websites and newer technology. It’s imperative that your website needs to be fully mobile responsive so it will resize and can be viewed on any device. Omni Instruments current system also didn’t have the ability to export their products to various marketing platforms such as Google Merchant.


omni_mobile_viewAfter numerous meeting mainly with us getting to know about their full in-house complex needs we started to produce designs for their new system that was going to be custom built using Magento. Omni Instrument’s website also had to communicate / integrate with their in-house accounting system which was Mamut. Their existing system had a fairly complex part builder which we had to replicate in Magento and also an extended quotation system.


There where many custom parts to their existing database which they required to be built into the new Magento website so there was many meticulous custom parts we had to create to accommodate Omni Instruments full needs.


Omni Instruments now have a custom system built with the solid backbones of Magento ecommerce. They can now send products like data loggers to Google merchant which will vastly help with their business to grow using the newer technology. Omni Instruments are one of the UK’s largest suppliers for a data logger or other remote monitoring systems.


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