26May 16
Ayr Equestrian

Ayr Equestrian Ltd found us through a Google search for Magento developers. They liked our quality of work and got in touch with us for a quote on what they needed. They had an existing EPOS system provided by Intelligent Retail that held their product information, they wanted to create a datalink to communicate between their EPOS system and Magento. Once working, this means that their EPOS system passes all products, pictures, stock, orders and other product information to and from the Magento system. It is a much easier, more straightforward system to use.


ayr_mobile_viewThe website had to be fully responsive and had to work on all platforms. Speed was a very important issue they highlighted to us and they had previous issues with site speed and know that it has a knock on effect on a users experience as well as hindering sales. While Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce systems, it’s well known to be one of the slowest ecommerce platforms around, especially if put on inadequate hosting or you don’t know the many tips and tricks to speed things up. We have been building websites with Magento for many years so we’ve had more than enough experience with Magento and it’s speed issues. We also have fully optimised Magento hosting with SSD (solid state drives) with a huge amount of RAM making it a superb environment for Magento to shine and work to it’s fullest potential for our clients.


One of the best selling platforms for products is the Google shopping channel. This means that products can appear on the Google search page if someone searches for a specific product. We set Magento up to pass all products to Google Merchant Centre and then pass these to Google AdWords. We then setup PPC advertising for the products. This is one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your products and get your sales booming.


Please click here to see their online equestrian shop.


ayr equestrian home page
ayr equestrian home page
ayr equestrian wordpress blog

ayr equestrian product page

ayr equestrian shopping cart

ayr equestrian catalog search

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