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New EU Legislation on Cookies,
what does this mean for me?


Do you know that legally now, your website if it uses cookies, then you must make users aware of this, and that they need to give you their approval, that they agree to let you use cookies on your website. New EU legislation comes into effect at the end of May 2011. This states that any website publishers and business owners require consent if they want to track users’ behavior or have any features running on your website that is using cookie technology to improve the user experience etc. They are saying that the general public should have to opt-in to storing cookies rather than opting-out through changing browser settings etc.



What’s a cookie anyway?

Web browser cookies are small text files that are placed on users’ computers by their web browsers to remember things or settings etc. They don’t help with your morning tea break so don’t get excited about trying the latest biscuit on the market! They do contain information that can be used for authentication (logging into a website), storing preferences (your favorite search engine), shopping cart contents (if you abandon your shopping and return later) plus pretty much anything to improve the usability and navigation of a website, any website not just online shops etc. They are also used by the online advertising industry to provide information about users’ browsing behavior, as we are sure you will have noticed of late, where you are surfing on a website but seeing adverts appearing on that website fro recent items you may have searched for on google etc or recent websites you were on.


What’s the impact on me and my website?

The EU regulations are enforced by the ICO (Information Comissioner’s Office). Fortunately the ICO and the EU are aware that it will take time for most businesses to make changes to the technology that they are using on their websites etc and it won’t be an overnight change for everyone within the EU to comply with. This means that the new laws will not be strictly enforced right away. This might leave you wondering why the new legislation has been created if it isn’t going to be strictly enforced? Well, the reasoning is actually fairly sound. Both Microsoft and Firefox, roughly 55% and 18% market share respectively, have announced plans to develop opt-out buttons for their browsers as part of new product development in the future. This then sends a clear message to the internet and application development community about the future of cookies and privacy policies in general throughout the web.


Still unsure?

If you’re just as confused about this as when you started finding out about cookies, then don’t worry, it isn’t a vary simple topic. However, if you are concerned about the impact this could have on your business, then contact us for some friendly advice on what you should do next.



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