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The Importance of Brand Identity

You want to be instantly recognisable to your customers, employees and competitors. And to do this you need to have a clear, concise and creative brand identity/image. Whether it’s logo design glasgow, or branding glasgow including tagline, colour scheme and more, all these design aspects, when perfected for your brand, can increase not only brand awareness but sales. A well-constructed brand identity can make you stand out from the crowd and your competitors. Furthermore, it gives your employees a clear understanding of the business they are working for.

The first thing potential customers and business associates see is your branding. They gage an understanding and feel from your brand, which could be good or bad. To avoid the latter, our services will provide your business with a full proof brand identity that entices customers to warm to you, by giving your brand impact.

Look as good as your business is with Graphic Designers Glasgow

Whether you’re looking to completely redo or spruce up your business image, you don’t want a half-done logo or branding template - you want the best for your business! We understand that your business is important and it’s important to us! We look to work together to understand more about your passionate business venture and what desired outcomes you have from your new logo and branding work.

Working endlessly, we will create designs and branding that suits not only your brand but your vision. With a shared goal of driving business and interest to your company, we will develop detailed branding to help your business reach its fullest potential.

Brand = Impression.

What do your prospects think when they check you out?

What we can help with branding logo design glasgow services

Simple answer is any and all branding issues for businesses/companies. From start-ups, small/independent businesses to corporate, household names. No job is too big or small for us. We take our time to create a brand package that is specific to your brand and needs. If you come to the table with a vision in mind – excellent! If you have no clue where to start or what you want – great! We will work with you to make this process as stress-free as possible, generating designs from ideas until we’ve found the right fit for you, and your company.

Redo or revamp?

Our creative services can range from a revamp – injecting life back into a favourable logo concept to a complete redo, allowing the creative reins to run free. Communication is key as guidance helps us avoid a complete brand rejig when not desired or avoid going down a creative brand identity path that’s not to your favour.

We offer services where we only design a logo for your business, or we can create a completely new brand package.

Logo Design Glasgow.

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Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

connect 4
I have been blown away by the level of service and attention

Domain Design were the only agency that when looking for a web designer delivered a complete service. They took an interest in what I wanted and came back with some fantastic, creative ideas. I have been blown away by the level of service and attention they have given myself. [read more]

Tim Day, of Connect 4 Recruitment
castle water
We have found DDA to be friendly, professional and always on hand.

It is a pleasure working with Robbie & the team at Domain Design Agency. We have found DDA to be friendly, professional and always on hand. Robbie always goes above and beyond to deliver our digital solutions promptly and efficiently! [read more]

Jeannine McVean, of Castle Water
phoenix weights
The staff at Domain have been extremely helpful and extremely friendly

Domain Design have done a fantastic job of both our website and brochures, they have taken the ideas of what we were looking for and delivered a design that is eye catching and that really stands out. We have received a lot of compliments on DDA's work. [read more]

Sara Noble, of Phoenix Weights

Branding Glasgow.

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How our Graphic Designers Glasgow can help your business

There are many advantages to having either a revamp or creating a whole new brand identity for your company. The first is that it shows development within your company, illustrating your desire to be creative and in the new. In addition, it keeps customers excited to see what you will do and what’s next for the brand. Having a tailored and concise brand identity is vital in any industry as it tells consumers and competitors who you are. The featuring of a brand identity will allow you to showcase your business more effectively and generate more business.

In addition, it’s okay to realise when your old branding isn’t working anymore. Whether that’s due to it not being responsive to customers or whether it’s outdated. A new brand identity can re-energise the company and set it on a new and exciting path.

Protecting your brand

Last but not least, the more legal stuff. Having a clear brand identity can allow you to claim legal protection over logos etc and protection for copyright and trademark laws. This is a vital stage in any business as it allows you to have control over your brands identity, preventing any competitors from replicating your noteworthy brand identity.

Do you need the service?

You may be someone who feels confident in their brand identity but there’s always room for improvement and refinement. Receiving branding services is very beneficial for a company and can help set your company in the right direction. Don’t let it be too late before you realise how crucial it is to have a well-constructed brand identity.

Whether it’s a small or large job, a dust off the old or in with the new, make sure your brand identity has reached its fullest potential with us – because we believe we can make your brand identity stand out from a single logo design, right up to a full branding plan covering colour, tagline, logo of your brand onto all business stationary, website, social media activity, brochures, signage, vehicle wraps to exhibition stands all showcasing your brand image across every platform.

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What does your company image say about you?

A cheap or badly designed logo could be affecting your business by way more than you know. If you need help to stand tall and proud within your marketplace then let's chat about your branding options.