07Nov 11
V-Tec Solutions Email Marketing
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We have just created and sent out an HTML EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN for V-Tec Solutions who are the largest business to business TomTom supplier in Scotland. http://vtec.ttbs.co.uk/



V-Tec can drive down Fuel costs as much as 8%.





Fuel consumption and maintenance bills make up nearly 30% of the total cost of owning a vehicle. A stable, fluid driving style is more fuel-efficient than speeding or stop-start driving in heavy traffic, for example. Independent tests have demonstrated that changing driving style can reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%. Studies carried out by TomTom have shown that, for trips of less than 30 Miles, these savings can be as much as 17%.





Good business decisions start with sound information. TomTom gives you the information you need to understand where you are and where you want to be, so that you can decide on the actions to take to get you there.



The WEBFLEET dashboard shows you:


• Fuel consumed in mile per gallon
• Fuel consumed per day
• Wasted fuel per day
• Wasted fuel as a percentage of total fuel consumption

When you can see how much fuel is being consumed, you can take steps to reduce this, cut idling time and, ultimately, manage your carbon footprint.



What works for you?     


A TomTom sales advisor would welcome the opportunity to advise you on the right combination of TomTom products for your specific business requirements and fleet size.



What works for you?


To survive in today’s challenging business climate, you need a competitive edge. Our smart business solutions feature the latest navigation innovations to help drive your business forward.


Find the best route, manage driver behavior and even get efficiency reports. Our innovative track record puts us one step ahead of the competition – and it will do the same for you.


A sample can be seen below, please click on the thumbnail for a larger preview


tomtom email marketing

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