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A great testimonial from one of our clients


“Owning a business is a lot of work and the huge part of the work is not even the selling. It is actually marketing your product well. I had an established handcrafted shoe store and knew a thing or two about marketing and advertising. My store was quite famous for its selection of exquisite and beautiful fit of footwear. When the internet started taking over the lives of people, as a businessperson, I knew I had found a new avenue to be explored. This was a chance for me to transform my family business into a local brand by offering worldwide shipping. However, before I could build more castles in the air, I needed to have a stunning online presence and this was only possible through a website that offered users a comprehensive shoe shopping experience. The first thing I needed to do was look for a competent web design company.


The internet is indeed a great tool to expand your business. In my experience, all it takes is the right skills and informed strategising to create awareness in the market about your product and awareness is half the battle won. However, the battle does not stop there. Customers are always looking for more and with the reduced attention span and the competitive atmosphere of the market, it is necessary to make a spectacular first impression. Having a slick, customer-oriented website was my idea of achieving this. I went through the internet to look for the right website design Glasgow experts and rounded up a few.


Building a website is an expensive affair and if you look forward to have a site that caters to global shopping needs then you cannot afford to have tawdry work and a mediocre shopping portal. My products were first rate and I needed a website that cold match up to them as well as exude confidence and trust about the service in the minds of the customers. After speaking to a few design companies, I rounded up on this particular one. They had experienced professionals working for them and I especially liked the kind of work they had already done. Their portfolio spoke of dedication and creative prowess. Speaking to them made me affirm my decision about working with them. I did not know much about design but I knew exactly what I needed and I relayed my requirements. It was amazing to work with professionals of such stature as they understood my needs better than I did and suggested many changes related to logistics and security of the site. I was promised a reduced downtime in getting the site up and running by working seamlessly with the web host providers. The highlight of their service was the comprehensive list of advertising and campaign design options they offered. The site came beautifully together. It had the finest navigation and a crisp look and exuded a very professional impression. With the valued help of the best web design Glasgow agency, I got my site up and running and could achieve most of the marketing goals I had set for the online presence of my store.”

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