23Nov 13
New .UK Domain Names
Published by jasmac

The new domain name will become active next summer (2014) and will replace a lot of the current UK domain .co.uk websites.


The new .uk web domains will be available from the summer of 2014 as another option for .co.uk or .org.uk existing domains.


This will be the biggest change to the UK web naming system in many years! according to Nominet.


The new .uk domains can be used side by side with your existing uk domains or you could choose to replace your existing domain with the new shorter replacement.



If you already own a .co.uk domain name, then you have first rights on the new .uk version of your domain name. After this then the owner of a .org.uk can purchase the .uk domain. Existing .co.uk domain owners will have five years to grab their domain name in the new .uk format, after this period it will then be put on the open market. So, really if you have a .co.uk domain name already then you have until 2019 to purchase the .uk version of your domain name. Priority over existing registered .co.uk domains will always be given over the .org.uk domain name.


Any new domain name registered for a .uk that doesn’t have a .co.uk or .org.uk name purchased already will be sold then on a first come basis.


Brand new .uk web addresses, where there is no existing equivalent, will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. The new .uk domains will be similar in price to an existing .co.uk domain name to purchase. This change to the UK domain format will bring it in line with most of countries who just have a short country domain name already, ie, Germany with .de, France with .fr


This will become a more confusing period for some users and with other domain names about to hit the marketplace in the next couple of years, the issue of domain names is going to be very complex compared to how we are all use to it working at present. Very soon buyers of domain names are going to have over 1400 top-level domain formats to choose from, compared to 22 at present – that’s a massive jump!


Even London is now in the mix to have its own domain name, again confusing matters and amount of domains even further, as all major cities will follow suit too and it won’t be long before were you use to buy a .co.uk and .com domain name, within the next couple of years this mean owners of websites will be buying and renewing maybe 5-10 domain names rather than just the one or two as it is at present.


It will be interesting too over the coming years how Google and the other major search engines response to this influx of domain names and how it will rank them according to the old traditionally domain names we are used to at present. With this massive change to domain names over the next few years it is also exciting playing around with names and new suffix’s to see what interesting business domain names you can make up! Last month, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) agreed the move, saying it wanted to “promote global innovation, competition and consumer choice” – well we sure have that now with over 1400 domains to choose from soon….

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