02Apr 13
Google Glass
Published by jasmac


Well not sure how many of you out there will be aware of the Google Glass Project. It is a computer that you wear like glasses which lets you walk around and have instant access to many things including video, images, sat nav, weather, diary events plus lots of info from whats around you and where you are including live translating what you are saying into another language!


This latest trend is sure to take off over the coming years – Google is still working on final improvements on the units to improve battery life, what the final features that they hope take over the world. But can you just imagine walking around glasgow with them on? In the pub, are you filming me? and if you do manage to keep a hold of your new gadget then endless supply of great footage will sure make you an overnight youtube star!


This is where everyone will lose their privacy to some degree if everyone is walking around making videos of you in public places etc from them just wearing the slim glasses and saying the word “video” theses glasses instant then record what you are seeing, and can stream it then live.


As far as technology goes they will be straight our of star-tek, giving you live data right there in front of your eyes as you go about your daily business. Here’s the official Google ad for them, if you haven’t seen it yet:



On the flip side you have the camp of people who view this project as nothing more than another advertising opportunity for Google to show ads it wants to users all over the world, like on websites you visit now it is the dairy norm for web ads to show you content that is similar to what websites you might have looked at of late or searched for – I’m sure the Google Glass will be the same and be set-up to show you advertisements that relate to what you have viewed or where you have been etc. I’m 100% in the excited camp and think they will be great! but we will have to wait and see just what they are by the time they are made available to the open market in the UK.


google_glass_domain_designYou had to pre-register as a developer to get them in the US at present and its likely these people might see their glass arriving soon! at $1500 this wont be just another throw away gadget, at the cost of a good computer the final product will need to hit the mark, and just not look like something from the year 2050. Well just this week Google has picked the lucky 8000 US people who will now be given the opportunity to “wear” a computer and have to travel to New York, Los Angeles or the San Francisco to pick them up their new specs! Google will take on board their feedback from these users to shape the final Glass product.

Google is hoping the new product will bridge the gap between computer and mobile, giving you the power of both. But as i said above would you like to be filmed live to anyone or streamed live over the internet? It does open up privacy questions plus not to mention any eye strain that might develop or accidents casued by your vision being obscured. These things will be known over time I suppose and we will then move on and embrace the new technology or will it be resigned to the trash can!


Google have said the ‘Explorer’ test version of Glass will help ensure it’s engineers make final improvements to the product before it hits the open market, for everyone to purchase – it is likely to sell in the UK when released from £500-£1000 according to web rumours, so we should see more live videos coming online soon showing how people are suing it in their everyday life’s.


Since it was St Patricks day the other last week, I felt I had to share this dev video of the Google Glass product highlighting the experiences of someone enjoying their St Patrick’s day celebrations – please note we have nothing to do with this video but please be aware it is for adult viewing only – enjoy … just go to youtube.com and type in “St. Patrick’s Day through Google Glass” and it’s one of the worst Irish accents you will ever hear!


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