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web design

Domain Design Agency Ltd is a website and graphic design agency with offices throughout Scotland and the North West of England. We are passionate about our web design / graphic design work. Over the last 9 years we have built an impressive portfolio and created some excellent client relationships, not only with local Glasgow companies but companies from all over the globe. Our clients come from the UK and far beyond. Our clients are important to us and our relationships have been brought closer together not only by using our main core website skills. More importantly, by the way we project manage every single website or Search Engine Optimisation project and give our clients a real one to one friendly experience from start to finish.


It’s sad to say, we have gained many clients in Glasgow and the UK that have been let down by various other design companies. They just didn’t fulfil their promises or didn’t have the required skills to complete the job. We are pleased to say that at DDA with bases throughout Scotland and the North West of England we have managed to fully restored their clients faith by simply giving them an excellent service with an impeccable result.


We have a wealth of knowledge in the website and graphic design industry and pack a very strong punch. We are a close team of a perfect mix of seasoned graphic designers, web developers, eCommerce specialists, SEO (search engine optimisation) experts with superior project management and customer service skills. We are at your service to provide you with a creative spark to ensure your business demands / expectations are fully met both on time and on budget. We utilise our skills and can work closely with all mainstream CMS applications like WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, Open Cart, Magento eCommerce, MySQL, Online Shops and custom PHP programming.


We use these core skills to create you a professionally designed website that will stand your company way above your competition. Many of Glasgow’s popup companies don’t have qualified graphic designers. They will provide you with a basic looking site without any ‘on page’ search engine optimisation or supply you a £20 template and just populate your details. These forms of websites just simply won’t work for your business. All of our designers have degree qualifications from the College Building and Printing in Glasgow. Technology has moved on so much over the years and people that don’t stay ahead of the game or have the experience, will be left miles behind. We bring together a fusion of graphic design, website design and search engine optimisation technology to give you some of the most eye catching, award winning websites on the internet, at an affordable return for your investment.


Domain Design Agency is a Web Design Glasgow company. 

web design glagsow

Although we are a Scottish based design agency with offices in Glasgow, Bellshill & Edinburgh, we have clients all throughout the UK including Lanarkshire, Aberdeen, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Liverpool and London. We recently opened a new office in Warrington, England to help cover our client base in the North West of the country – so give the guys a call with you needs today! We often pitch against top London agencies and have a very high success rate. We also specialise in online shops and have an extensive knowledge of Magento eCommerce.


Almost all of our work projects can be organised via the phone from our main design hub near Glasgow, or online via internet and email. We can of course come to you and get a real understanding for your business, help you to arrange and plan a full marketing brand way forward for the business, for greater result driven sales for the company. We specialise in web design Glasgow.


Below is a short list of some of the services we supply:

To see some of our recent work, please click to see our website design portfolio >

Domain Design Agency | Web Design Glasgow


In this day and age with the recent dreaded phrase ‘credit crunch’, cut backs and budgets are an essential part of every day life in business. Having an online eshop can help maximise your profit you can make on your products. Just imagine having an online eCommerce shop without the need for rent, rates, bills or staffing etc. This gives you more time to concentrate on running and improving your business.


With the Government currently running an initiative to supply every UK household with broadband by 2012 and more people starting to use the internet to make daily purchases via online eCommerce shops you can really start to see the potential customer base you might have within your own sector or region. With £1.70 in every £10 now spent online and the share of retail sales attributed to the internet having more than trebled since 2007, can you afford not to move with the times and promote your business and services online?


Whether it’s a fully advanced enterprise Magento eshop you’re looking for, or you just have a few products or services to sell that never change, we can help you start selling online.


eCommerce makes owning and operating an online estore more convenient and cost effective to run than a traditional shop. Offering flexibility for you to pick and choose when and what hours you work. An online eshop will be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and opens up your business to a truly global marketplace.



A few of our online e-shops


 online ecommerce


We contacted the Plumbstore group – a large Plumbers Merchant in Scotland, as we noticed that they never had an online eShop to sell to the full of the UK. We designed and built a full eCommerce online shop that could handle an import from their existing in-house computer system, minimising work for the client. The client has full control over the update of their website and imports/exports to talk with their current systems.



The Family Planning Association (FPA) came to us after being let down by a string of web developers. They needed a new design company they could depend on and wanted to have an eCommerce system built to allow them to sell their products online. We worked closely with the FPA team to ensure the end result was a modern, user friendly eShop system. The client has full control over the update of their website and imports/exports to talk with their current systems.


We have built various successful eCommerce shops for clients around the UK including London. Communication is never a problem with today’s technology. We are happy to complete any development projects and can communicate through Skype, email, post or over the telephone. We are also completing work for many local eCommerce Glasgow and eCommerce Edinburgh based clients.



Find out more about our eCommerce Stores

View our Portfolio for more online shop examples

graphic design

Graphic design spans the history of humankind right from the very beginning from the Caves of Lascaux, to the dazzling Neons of Ginza. Graphic design is all around us in our daily lives, it’s part of our society, and you probably don’t even realise how vital it is! Graphic design is what drives advertising campaigns, attracts us to brands and what deters us from certain brands also! As times and styles change, graphic design is consistently changing to suit modern day trends.


We have an excellent team of seasoned graphic designers, with a combined experience of over 38 years we have attained the desired graphic design skills to stand way out from the crowd. Graphic design is used in advertisements, product packaging, web design, magazine layouts, company stationery, corporate branding and much more. But, what differentiates between good graphic design and bad graphic design? Why is it important to you and your business? Good graphic design is about effective communication. The goal of every marketing campaign is to communicate clearly your brand message to your target audience and strong graphic design can help your message stand out.


graphic design glasgow


We offer a graphic design service that’s second to none. Whether it be an advert, leaflet, packaging, corporate identity, poster, report, presentation or even something personal, we’re sure that you’ll be 100% happy with Domain Design Agency Ltd and our design skills. Graphic design is not just the difference between ‘capturing peoples attention’ and ‘making people switch off’. It is the difference between customers choosing you or choosing your competitors.


Although we are a graphic design Glasgow based company, we have clients all over the UK including Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool and London to name a few. Almost all of our work projects can be organised by speaking on the phone or by liaising via post, online communication or email.



    While many companies may have college graduates and trainees, all of our staff are fully qualified and have been working in graphic design environments for at least 7 years. Not to knock people that come directly from college as we were there once ourselves but, design is a skill that gets better over the years. Experience Matters!
    Most companies have sales reps that just sell you things for the sake of it.We Don’t!
    From the start of your project right through until project completion, you have 1 dedicated project manager. Personal Service!
    What’s the point in spending money on graphics that will never get your message delivered or give your company the right image? No Point!
    While there may be cheap graphic design services, we urge you to try them and then give us a try. The quality will always be inferior. We Aren’t!
    We have a professional service and fast turn around times, especially to fit in with any deadline you may be up against. On Time, Every Time!
    Graphic design is a communication skill that’s been around since the beginning of time. Drawing and ancient hieroglyphics symbols were a form of communication, just like in today’s designs. If you can get the right message across to your audience from your media, then your product has successful graphic design behind it. Attention!

We take on all kinds of graphic design jobs, so if your in doubt, please contact us. Please remember, No job is too big or too small!


Our graphic design services start from as little as £45 per hour.




Contact us with your requirements and we’ll give you a free no obligation chat or quote..
Contact us now for more information or further details…..



seo marketing

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation – have you heard of it? Do you have it? What does it mean to you? What does it stand for? Do you need it? Does your competitor have it? How much does it cost? So many questions and we are here to answer them for you!


SEO – no matter whether you’ve heard about it or not, it can be quite intimidating for some people! We want to let you understand what it’s all about and what it can mean to your website and your business.


seo glasgow


SEO is short for search engine optimisation. Basically the higher your ranking in a search engine, the more hits / visitors your website will receive. This is where we stand out from the crowd. There is a massive difference in receiving hits to actual conversion rates. There’s no point in getting two thousand visitors to your website if it’s not what the person was looking for in the first place. We aim to get exactly the right kind of people to your website, so you should get as many enquiries from your website as possible. The aim is to have your exact target market of customers using your site, hence cutting out time wasting enquiries and increasing sales. We are a SEO Glasgow based company in Scotland but work on behalf of clients throughout the world.



In a nutshell, SEO built alongside your website can give you the following benefits:

  • High Return on Investment
    SEO offers the highest level of ROI than any other form of marketing.
  • Targeted Traffic
    with SEO, the visitors it brings to your site are more likely to be actively searching for your company or products and services that you offer, dramatically cutting out time wasters.
  • Long Term Results
    once implemented SEO can leave you with long term positions and rankings on search engines such as Google as opposed to ‘pay per click’ which often provides short term results and can cost a lot more!
  • 24 Hour Promotion
    the internet never sleeps and by investing in SEO you can ensure that your business website has exposure 24/7, 365 days a year. What an investment!
  • Increased Brand Awareness
    with online marketing and SEO you can improve your brand visibility.
  • Increased Sales
    As more of the visitors to your site will be people who have actually searched for your services or products this can really increase the amount of enquiries you receive and more importantly boost sales.
  • Cost Effective
    SEO is recognised as one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available. Why pay hundreds of pounds on a one week advert in a magazine/newspaper when you could use that money to spend it on SEO which can attract the people who ARE actually looking for you, and generate interest long after the newspaper advert has been binned!
  • Increased Accessibility
    SEOtechniques can help to make your website more accessible.


Most people find us through websites we have developed, websites that are performing well in search engines, recommendations or by typing certain keywords in Google like SEO Glasgow, SEO Edinburgh, SEO Scotland.

web apps

Does your work flow run smooth? Do you often record important information with everything just scribbled down on pieces of paper that often end up scrunched up in the bin or on the missing list? Is your client admin system confusing to use for your staff? If you answered YES to any of these questions then don’t worry Domain Design Agency can custom build you a new web application system that can control the management and processes of your work flow to let you work more professionally and allows you to be fully organised.


With our bespoke custom business systems that are designed and written 100% specifically to what your work flow requires, what you get with us is full custom software that only contains the features you require. By building you a custom bespoke administration system – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! We can build systems to take care of your clients, orders, staff, emailing, reporting, stats and lots more – so why not give us a call to discover how we can help your business. A bespoke web application could make your life a whole lot easier!


bespoke custom business software


Our custom built website applications for your day to day work flow are a great business solution for any size of business – the software can run very fast as it is lightweight because the coding only includes what you want it to do – it doesn’t include hundreds of features that you will never use, only features that are relevant to your working processes, meaning the outcome is a sleek business tool that is a fantastic investment for your business for future success, ensuring you of proper client management at all times. It can also be an excellent way to cut down on paperwork, postage costs, and also costly man hours as an automatic system can easily half your workload.


Some samples of our custom developed business solutions we have developed are below……



SYFA Admin/Football Team Registration System


bespoke applications


Fully bespoke admin registration database, which tracks and manages all the clubs, officials, leagues, regions and tournaments for the Scottish Youth Football Association (SYFA). This system has vastly grown year on year with more features being added at each update. A full email marketing system which informs over 20,000 officials when required with fully auto processes was put in place that saved the association a small fortune in running costs as we were able to streamline their administration process and cut dramatically down on postage. Multiple user permissions allow you to only let key people do important duties on the system, while keeping it accessible to everyone else for normal updates.

Click here to see full SYFA project >



Claimsec Business Solution


claimsec custom business systems


Custom written business software and website design for the administration and control of all the companies brokers and clients. We custom built a website with a large animated video embedded with all the company details and services they provide. Everything can be easily updated via a bespoke admin panel. There is a broker login area for their clients to log in and manage their own clients per broker, with start/expiry dates per insurance per clients etc. Brokers are in full control to update and edit their own section with the custom Claimsec system. The main admin panel is where the full website can be controlled and managed by the Claimsec staff, they can update all internal pages and update all broker and client registrations etc. Web applications Glasgow.

Click here for more info on this project >



Contact us now
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did you know?


we design, build and publish all kinds of websites for all kinds of industries offering them a professional all in one service to get their business online fast.


we can create custom applications that will streamline your business, these applications can be used remotely, including mobile phone applications.


do you know that when you get a website built you don't just automatically appear on the front page of Google. With search engine optimisation we ensure your website gets good exposure in search engines. We offer a range of services to get your website in a top position.


we can design / set-up email marketing templates. We provide you with an emailing system that you control and will feed you back very impressive stats eg. who opened the email and where they clicked.


our graphic design service includes logo design, brochures, leaflets, annual reports, power point presentations, stationary, booklets, magazines, postcards, posters, banners, DVD covers and pdf files.


not only do we design your marketing material but we can also take care of your printing - so you'll be assured you've made the right choice when you choose Domain Design Agency Ltd for your next job.

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    I was recommended Domain Design Agency by a friend and I'm so glad I listened to him. From start to finish I have received nothing less than an impeccable service , all within time and on budget. I have had an excellent experience using Domain Design Agency and would .... read more
    Justin Wilmot

    We are delighted with our website designed by the team at Domain Design Agency. It is just what we were looking for and really easy to update and manage ourselves too. We have also received fantastic feedback from our customers! Andy and Robbie were friendly and efficient..read more
    Lomond Fine Foods Ltd and Cake.


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22 / Aug / 2014

Leeann’s Maternity Leave

Just a wee note to wish you all the best on the safe arrival on Baby G, Leeann and Emmett. We have everything crossed for you both and hope to hear the joyful news soon on if it’s a boy … more>

4 / Aug / 2014

Glasgow Games 2014

    This summer, the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has bring together 1000′s of athletes, volunteers and excited fans to join an incredible fun time in Glasgow, to celebrate sport and culture.   And how Glasgow Roared! What a games … more>

17 / Jul / 2014


Some times we have the nicest clients One of our clients just dropped off some treats for the hard efforts the team put into her website – Thanks Anne Marie from CCVAG/CKC Flooring the treats are going down a storm … more>

10 / Jul / 2014

World Cup 2014

Well I hope you guys are enjoying this super World Cup! This has been the finals that have made people fall back in love with the beautiful game, with loads of goals it has been a delight to watch unless … more>

1 / Jun / 2014

New Domain Extensions

Well it is 2014 and domain names as you know it are changing! We recently moved over onto the new .agency domain name and updated all our emails now to @domaindesign.agency   The new domains will take a while to … more>



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